Setting up your Polar Flow account is really easy and takes less than 2 minutes. Once you've created your Polar Flow account, simply register on the iPad that's mounted on the wall outside our STORM studios. All you need is your email address and the Polar sensor number you received when you checked in.

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The benefits

1. Have the results of your STORM Bootcamp session sent directly to your email address.

2. See a full breakdown of your training results.

3. Monitor and observe your training progress.

4. You can also track your sleep quality *only if you have your own sensor or watch*. Use the promo code: "20STORM" to get 20% off in the Polar Online Shop.

5. You can track your body weight and the calories you burn during the STORM workout.

6. You can keep a detailed training diary in your Polar Flow account.

Create your Polar Flow account
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