The ‘30003 Campaign.
How quick can the STORM community plant 30.003trees?

Connect with STORM and we connect you with the environment - our eco-friendly way to working out and supporting our planet.

How to

1. Download the Active Giving App.
2. Create a profile.
3. Click menu & then team.
4. Insert code – STORMD –Click activity.
5. Choose STORM workout & plant 4 trees.
6. Choose non-STORM workout & plant 2 trees.
7. Last but not least, don’t forget to share your activity & tag us for repost.

3 Smart Phones screens show the sign up process in the Active Giving App.
The ring-shaped turquoise and violet STORM Logo.
The treetops of a Forest.

Be Active, Do Good

The climate crisis will negatively affect millions of communities and species.While many of us would like to contribute to a healthier planet, we may not know how to do so. Active Giving has created a digital fitness solution that enables active people to contribute to social and environmental projects with their fitness routine.Become an #activegiver by using the Active Giving fitness app. STORM – to convert your STORM workouts as well as  all of your other workouts into trees planted.

Our chosen project in conjunction with Active Giving.

The mission of the Eden Reforestation Project is to provide fair wage employment to impoverished villagers as agents of global forest restoration.The goal of ERP is to revitalize the environment destroyed by land clearing in order to create a livable environment for local people. The focus of ERP is on the restoration of the rainforests and on the economic development of the local population: For the planting of the fallow land and the maintenance of the forests, workers from the local population are hired, who receive a fair and long-term income for their work.

A sun-drenched Forest.