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Gather your colleagues, teammates, friends, or business partners together and feel the exhilaration of the Storm from the second you step inside the studio. A high intensity, full body workout, backed by the 7 primal movements, heart-rate tracking technology and club-style music and lights.

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Business, Networking & Private Events.

Book one of our state-of-the-art studios for you and your trooper crew. Too much time spent hunched over desks and sedentary scrolling has left our bodies without the movements they’re meant to use everyday. We take your team through the 7 primal movements. These will set you up to get stronger and leaner safely, in less time, and to unleash a primal power that you can channel into your work, everyday life, and STORM fitness journey.

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Setting up for your workout

You can’t come to us? Then we come to you. We offer a pop-up STORM workout for all types of events. Same as our STORM workouts in our studios, our pop-up STORM Bootcamp is evenly divided between three components of training - Pace, Pump, and Punch - to ensure you build full-body strength and stamina with safe, natural movements. With highly-qualified coaches guiding you every step along the way, we guarantee your focus on you, and your training zone, to deliver a full-body burn.

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