Ready to take on your first STORM?

We’ve broken down everything you need to know for your first workout with us.

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A woman trains her chest with dumbbells.

How to prepare

Stay hydrated - sweating is part of the fun, but dehydration isn’t, so drink plenty of fluids beforehand and bring plenty with you.

What to wear - keep it light and keep it tight too if you prefer, just make sure you’re comfortable. Make sure you bring clean indoor shoes that will keep you stable and supported.

It is really important that you set up your own Myzone account before attending your first session, This will speed up your registration for STORM, and will be needed everytime you attend one of our workouts. Simply click here, it takes less than 2 minutes to set up.

When you arrive at STORM

Check in at the studio- If you are an Urban Sports Club member simply check in via the STORM QR code. If you are not an Urban Sports Club member, simply show the reception team your booking confirmation.

For your first session, you must arrive at least 20 minutes before your session starts. When you arrive inform the coach this is your first time so they can take you through a quick 5 minute introduction to the workout.

Once the door is closed, the door is closed, and it is showtime for the STORM coach. Access is forbidden and please do not try to enter the STORM studio, especially if you are attending STORM for the first time.  

Locker rooms- You will be given a locker key card, sweat towel and Polar heart rate sensor when you arrive. The key card will give you access to changing and showering facilities and act as your locker key. Find an empty locker, put your things inside and tap the card on the locker pad. When the light turns red, it means it’s locked until you’re ready to tap again and unlock. Remember to return your Polar sensor to your coach before leaving the studio and please return your locker key card to reception before leaving the club.

A woman looks through a training machine.

Setting up for your workout

Myzone heart-rate tracking technology - Before you start your first STORM session, the team will loan you one of our heart-rate tracking sensors. This is why it is important that you have set up your Myzone account beforehand. We use this system to keep you focused on your own strength and speed and get you into your own personal zones throughout the workout. When the workout is over, simply hand your sensor back to your STORM coach, the strap is hung to dry in the studio along with your gloves.

We also provide you with gloves for the punch element of our bootcamp. These are available in small, medium and large and are ready for you to choose yourself in the studio.

For hygiene reasons and the most personalised STORM experience, we recommend to all of our STORM troopers thast they purchase their own heart-rate tracking wearable and mitts. You can buy them both through our website or in any of our studios and this means you do not have to share items worn by others.

A woman in boxing gloves takes part in a STORM group class.

During your workout

We like to switch up our Bootcamp workouts and always keep things fresh, but you can expect Chase, Lift and Punch in every session, ensuring you develop your endurance, strength and power. In each zone, you’ll work in 2 minute blocks, either 2x 2 minute blocks, or 4x 2 minute blocks, with recovery in between - a true HIIT workout.

Chase - level up your stamina and cardiovascular health with routines that get you moving faster and driving longer than you ever thought possible.

Lift - build full-body strength with free weights and bodyweight movements, designed to work with your body’s natural movement pattens but challenge your limits.

Punch - grow your explosive power against our punching bags. Just grab a pair of gloves (one of ours or bring your own!) and picture whoever or whatever you want… We enhance this zone with explosive plyometric exercises, as well as sand bags and sand bells.

A man in training clothes is kneeling in the functional training area of a STORM class Room.

After your workout

Have you got questions? - Do you want to level up your strength in a certain area, or find out how you can practice your form? Grab your expert STORM coach afterwards and ask them any burning questions you have. If you are in a rush then simply reach out to the team at

Book again - we can’t wait to see you for another high energy workout. Book your next session through our STORM website or the Urban Sports Club app.

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