Ready to take on your first STORM ride?

We’ve broken down everything you need to know for your first cycle workout with us.

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How to prepare

Stay hydrated - sweating is part of the fun, but dehydration isn’t, so drink plenty of fluids beforehand and bring plenty with you.

What to wear - keep it light and keep it tight too if you prefer, just make sure you’re comfortable. Please do not wear baggy loose trousers for cycling, it is dangerous, and they could get caught causing injury.

We provide you with the correct footwear, so don't worry! Our shoes are specifically designed to be able to walk in safely and have the SPD cleat. We have all sizes available, so grab your pair from the back of the studio before your session. When you have finished simply toss them into the cage by the entrance door to the studio.

When you arrive at STORM

Check in at the studio- If you are an Urban Sports Club member simply check in via the STORM QR code. If you are not an Urban Sports Club member, simply show the reception team your booking confirmation.

For your first session, please arrive in plenty of time and pay attention to the bike set up shown either by one of our team or on our website, social media channels or TV in the studio.

Once the door is closed, the door is closed, and it is showtime for the STORM coach. Access is forbidden and please do not try to enter the STORM studio, especially if you are attending STORM for the first time.  

Locker rooms- You will be given a locker key card, sweat towel.  The key card will give you access to changing and showering facilities in the Holmes Place club and act as your locker key. Find an empty locker, put your things inside and tap the card on the locker pad. When the light turns red, it means it’s locked until you’re ready to tap again and unlock. Remember to return your locker key card to reception before leaving the club.

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Setting up for your workout

For hygiene reasons and the most personalised STORM experience, we recommend to all of our STORM troopers that they purchase their own cycle shoes with SPD cleats. These can be purchased cheaply. This also means you do not have to share shoes worn by others

A woman in boxing gloves takes part in a STORM group class.

During your workout

Whether you are attending our Performance workout or our Groove workout our team of expert coaches will have you sweating, smiling and wanting more. Groove is a much more choreographed workout, so expect it to take you a few visits to really get your 'Groove' on,  then there will be simply no stopping you.. If you want to0 feel the true burn of the ride with your muscles screaming, then Performance will be your ride of choice. Whichever you choose our amazing lighting and laser show will have you in awe.

For all you Groove riders, all bikes have 2x 2KG dumbbells on the bike, if you would like a little heavier, we have a small number of 3KG & 4KG dumbbells available at the back of the studio. Just ask one of the team for help.

A man in training clothes is kneeling in the functional training area of a STORM class Room.

After your workout

Have you got questions? - Do you want to level up your strength in a certain area, or find out how you can practice your form? Grab your expert STORM coach afterwards and ask them any burning questions you have. If you are in a rush then simply reach out to the team at

Book again - we can’t wait to see you for another high energy workout. Book your next session through our STORM app or the Urban Sports Club app.

Remember- Engrained into our DNA is ‘Work Out Plant Trees'
Join our team "STORMD" and start planting.

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