5 eco-friendly habits to adopt immediately to help support our planet.

Imagine if from today, we all decided to create simple eco-friendly habits, by adopting these small changes to our daily lives we could initiate and drive change.

1.  I only switch on machines when they are full.

Whether it's the washing machine or the dishwasher, it's much better to wait until you have filled them up before you switch them on. This simple change enables you to wash more clothes and dishes for the same amount of water used by your machine which is much more environmentally friendly.

2. I turn off my electrical devices such as my laptop or tablet at night.

This is a simple behaviour we call adopt that occurs much more often than you think. Leaving your laptop or tablet on standby every night means that the battery is gradually discharged. Therefore, a discharged battery = loss of energy and the need to recharge it more often.

3. I consume responsibly.

A trend that is becoming more and more prevalent in our world *especially with fashion* is leaning towards purchasing second-hand. We are also more committed to purchasing products made in Germany *or wherever you live in the world*, that are made with sustainably sourced, recycled or organic materials. However, buying sustainable is not just for the fashion world, quite the contrary. Indeed, food, cosmetics and household products can be consumed in a more ethical way with just a little more thought and attention and the desire to educate we and become familiar with global logos such as fair trade.

4. I choose the right products.  

I try to do this as much as possible:

·   Where possible, I always choose fair trade products, more respectful to our planet, with added benefits for the producers.

·   To always opt for ‘made in Germany’ *or wherever you live in the world* The message is to always try and purchase products from countries committed to sustainable development.

·   To check the origin and traceability of a product before purchasing it.

5. I simply refuse plastics straws and I use my own bamboo straw or no straws at all.

It's 2022, so I imagine that you already know how much plastic straws are a disaster for the environment. One of the ecological alternatives to the plastic straw is the 100% bamboo straw.

By adopting these 5 eco-friendly habits, you are making a sustainable statement for supporting our planet, but above all for yourself: less plastic that is harmful to the environment, fewer chemicals that are harmful to your health, less stuff to tidy up, therefore more money, more time, more space. What dream this would be!

Please help our planet and help us to educate, drive change and make a difference, not tomorrow, TODAY. This is a simple message STORM Boutique Fitness stand behind, by sharing the love and this blog post we can get so many joining our mission.  

Strong enough to take on our own challenges, as well as protecting our planet. Planting trees, cleaning up streets, powering whole studios with our kinetic energy - together, we are the STORM that can change everything.

Your STORM Boutique Fitness Team